Johnny Falls, Sapang Blue Falls – The Hidden Gems of Kapai

HIdden in the mountains of Kapai, Lanao del Sur (Just outside the boundaries of Iligan). The trek to Johnny Falls and Sapang Blue Falls is one of the most exhausting activity I ever did.

Am’s Chicken Haus

From small time bar to full blown dining restaurant. Am's filled the void that Sunburst left when the last branch closed a couple years back.

Ramen-yah Japanese Restaurant

Hands down the best Japanese resto in town. Well, given we only have a few. But still!

Tedts Cafe & Bakery

Affordable, classy and artsy at the same time. Tedts is a favorite among Iliganons, young and old.

Cliff Diving at Initao

Experience one of Initao's most prized possession! Also, cliff diving in a prohibited area is fun.

Aruma Coffee Lounge

The home of the greatest banoffee known to man. IMHO.